Sales returns are part and parcel of every running business. We at Z mart take every possible care and ensure that our products conform to the customer’s ordered specifications and meet the highest manufacturing standards.

However, in the event that a customer is unsatisfied with our product in any way and wants to return it, we will be happy to oblige. A customer can return a product to us within a week of receiving it. We will replace the faulty product or refund the customer as the case may be.

Upon receiving a faulty or sub-standard product, the customer is requested to contact us via email, social media, or telephone and inform us about the complaint. We will try to redress the customer’s grievance in the best possible manner, and if a refund or return is the only way out, we will accept it.

We will, however, won’t accept a return or refund claim if the product we receive back bears material changes to its original form and shape. We won’t accept claims borne out of a clear case of mishandling, misuse, misapplication, and mistreatment on the part of the customer.

We also do not accept broken, damaged and debased products returned by customers. If you intend to return a product, send it back carefully so we can analyze why the fault occurred in the first place.

We will pay for the courier charges of any returned item.