Anex Deluxe Food Processor AG-3156 820 – 1100W

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Anex Deluxe Food Processor AG-3156 820

A food processor is indispensable in the kitchen and we are not looking at any other, but rather the AG-3156 deluxe food processor. It forms part of your versatile home appliance that you can use for different purposes as well as to shred, slice, and mix a plethora of recipes. It is basically a motorized base or what they fondly term a workhorse powered by a blade or set of blades. It comes with attachments like jugs, containers, and all-important disks for cutting, shredding, etc.


Let’s have a look at the features of this product!

  • A food processor provides versatile processing functions, which will ensure that you can always chop and blend ingredients quickly and evenly while slicing, shredding, milling the ingredients, or pureeing them for salsas as well as smoothies, salads as well and baby foods.
  • The particular one which you have mentioned is quite likely to be an advanced style with an elegant body in a plastic jug. Made from high-quality sturdy plastic with an excellent surface finish it would be easy to clean.
  • This is because the 2-speed setting gives you a chance to run low or high speeds which then come into entry to very specific functions of usage. On the other side, a pulse function has invaluable intense pulsing whereby power is released in short bursts and this offers finer control when such greater attention to detail is required.
  • Safety lock ensures it cannot run if the lid is not held firm on top and locked firmly hence preventing accidents from happening during operation. This also makes sure work is done safely
  • Rubber feet underneath ensure stabilization to prevent moving around while operating and countertops are protected from scratches or damage due to scratching off by movement.

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820-1100 Watts


2 Years Warranty

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